Friday, April 13, 2007

FREE Extended Battery for Samsung BlackJack

Do you have a Samsung BlackJack? Do you hate the battery life for their standard batteries? Well....worry no more! Cingular is responding to complaints for customers on the Blackjack battery life, by offering an extended battery (and the back-plate to fit it) FOR FREE. That's right. ABSOLUTELY FREE.

This offer expires on 4/15/2007 and is not being very well advertised by Cingular (thanks RichDizz and a MSFT employee for tipping off).

Your phone must have an IMEI 352794010030189 are 352794012269959 to be eligible for this offer. You phone's IMEI can be found either on the packaging or under the battery on the phone and contains 15 digits.

Click the following link to redeem your offer:

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