Saturday, January 24, 2009

Let The Morning Come - CD/DVD project RELEASED

This is a really exciting bit of news:  my church's 2nd CD recording project, and 1st DVD, is finally complete and available!!!

We have a rather large pool of musicians and creative artists at my church (, so last Fall, we all got together for 3 days and wrote and collaborated on music.  Then we planned a 2-evening event, which we called "Let The Morning Come" where we recorded music and video of the performances.

I was able to participate in 7 songs on the CD, and after having listened to the final mastered versions, this week...THEY SOUND GREAT!  Hats off to all of the folks that were involved, especially David Parker and Chris Clayton (, who headed up this effort.

We have a MySpace page for the Worship and Creative Arts team, which has a few sample tracks from the album (

Also, you can view a trailer/preview of the DVD on YouTube (

Hope you and enjoy - and check out the iTunes Music Store soon if you would like to purchase a copy of your own

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